What is Your acne Really Telling You?

on Fri 15 Nov


What is Your Acne Really Telling You?

Forehead: Breakout above your eyebrow can translate to issues with your stomach and bladder, meaning you will need to balance your gut to get rid of them.

Cheeks: According to traditional Chinese medicine acne on your cheeks relates to your respiratory system mainly your lungs. Another reason for acne on your cheeks is due to friction from pillows and dirty mobile phones.

Nose: General redness and dots around the centre of your face could connect to your heart other reasons for blockage in this area is having high cholesterol. This will manifest in the form of a oily skin, if not treated with a regular cleanser, toner and moisturiser will block your pores.

Mouth: Sometime known as the most painful place to get a flare up, the mouth is directly linked to the stomach and digestive organs. So keeping hands and phones away from the mouth will always help.

Chin: This can be period related, stress and hormones imbalance. Wash your pillowcase regularly and try not to squeeze spots until they are ready.