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Vegan Beauty Hacks

Not only is veganism healthy but the trend is popular for those interested in preserving the planet and seeking sustainable solutions for everyday life. Here is a list of ingredients that you may have in your home which can be used as a vegan alternative within your beauty regime.

Olive oil ; This common product is in most homes, but not many know of its beauty benefits. Often used for hair, skin and nails olive oil is a traditional beauty staple mostly for its imitation of natural sebum.

Green tea;  The super ingredient- green tea is not only an antioxidant which removes impurities from the body but it can reverse the effects of UV rays with DNA repair to protect the skin against sun damage.

Avocado ; Enjoy a morning treat for the skin with an avocado-based facemask. Mash up the superfood to get hold of vitamin E and other benefits such as a brightened complexion and to help eliminate dead skin cells. Avocados may also reduce toxins, help to reduce wrinkles and age spots and provide the skin with a healthy luminosity.

Aloe vera ; The natural beauty saviour is known for its richly moisturising and healing properties, allowing the skin to regain the moisture it needs to strengthen skin cells. It is a rich source of vitamin C and E as well as beta carotene. It’s anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial elements make it the perfect fit for any skincare treatment.

Coconut oil ; Often used for hair and skin, this natural beauty product is an effective moisturiser for any skin type. Surprisingly, it also comes with antifungal and antibacterial properties making it one of the most versatile products to have in the fridge.

Tea tree oil; This classic ingredient is not only vegan but used for several purposes. In addition to its scientifically supported claims, the ingredient is inexpensive and safe on all skin types.

Many use it as hand sanitizer for its antibacterial properties and it can also as a natural deodorant as it can provide protection against sweat.

From the Proto-col team