Things to Know About PatsyB Beauty Products

on Fri 30 Oct

                                 Thing to Know About PatsyB Beauty Products



PatsyB Beauty Products are at a price point that most women will be able to afford, getting good value for their money.


UK Made

PatsyB Beauty Products are made in the UK Peterborough to be precise.


Vegan Friendly

PatsyB Beauty Products are manufactured without the use of animal products or testing, to be suitable for vegan.


No Sulfates

Sulfate is a salt that forms when Sulfuric Acid reacts with another chemical. They may cause skin and eye irritation in some people it can often dry out the skin.


No Paraben

A chemical compound use in certain products to kill bacteria and prevent the product from decaying. Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics and food. There are health concerns connected with parabens

Some of the Parabens: Methylparabens, Ethylparaben , Propylparabens , Butylparaben and Isobulylparaben.


Recyclable Packaging

PatsyB Beauty Products are contained in packaging that can be used again, usually after processing