The Second Lockdown

on Tue 10 Nov


                             The Second Lockdown

On Thursday 5th November 2020 the UK went into Lockdown for the second time, the first lockdown started for me on Friday 20th March 2020.

 On Friday 20th March at 8.00pm I had just finished my last client so needed to get myself together and leave Seymour Leisure Center , I had time to pack my uniform and anything that may go off and leave the salon.

I had left 2 bags of towels that needed to be washed, 2 bag of rubbish, my couches still had couch covers and towels on them, pillows with cases still on all my products left on shelves and the doors to the beauty rooms all left unlocked.

I did not expect to be away from work for over 4 months, during that period builders had been in the salon did what they need to do and left it as they wanted to leave it.

This time round we  had notice of the Lockdown which gave me the chance to take away from the salon what I wanted to, put out the rubbish and recycle material, lock my products away and lock the beauty rooms before leaving the center.

On Thursday 5th November 2020 I went back to Seymour got my towels and went to the laundry. Got my towels washed and put away feeling better about Lockdown now.

If this Lockdown for whatever reason go on for longer than stated I will feel comfortable knowing that I don’t have a great deal of cleaning to do when and if I go back to work.

I want to say Thank You to all my clients for all their support and see you all on the other side