The 5 A's Of Skin Care

on Wed 18 Sep


Attention to expiry date

Contrary to belief, beauty products don’t last forever ,and old make-up and cosmetics lose quality. Dated skincare items can harbour bacteria which instead of soothing the skin can cause irritation. A regular clear out of old items can protect your skin from harmful infections.

Always double cleanse

Double cleansing is the secret behind many perfect complexions. The first step is supposed to clear the way for the cleanser with active ingredients. After a day full of make-up your face has been layered with moisturisers, oil and free radicals.

Apply skincare from lightest to the heaviest

When beginning your skincare routine, consider applying your skincare in order from a lighter consistency to a heavier moisturiser. The thicker formulas have been designed to protect your skin from anything coming in or out therefore it’s wise to use your lighter products first to maximise their benefits.

Adapt your skincare to the way your skin responds

It’s important to listen to your skin. Sometimes it doesn’t agree with your choice of formulas which can cause you to breakout or suffer from irritation. Do your research and find formulas that are right for you and your skin.

Add a final touch of SPF

In order for your skin to remain protected from free radicals, pollutants and UV rays, use an SPF. If you don’t already wear SPF all year round, now is a good time to start.