Soothing Skin Care

on Tue 20 Aug


Soothing Skin Care.

New life for sensitive skin, this range contains  formulas that are specially created for skin that has lost its level of tolerance and needs extra protection against environmental irritants. The soothing ingredients restore comfort and an even complexion to sensitive skin.


Lait Hydra Sensitive, Make -up remover for "reactive skin"

Gently removes make-up and cleanses sensitive and reactive skin.

Helps to soothe the skin.


Serum Hyrda Sensitive , Soothing " Prefusion " for reactive skin.

True emergency care for skin which can" no longer stand anything".

Restores the skins natural defences.

Soothes the skins intolerance reactions.

Protects the skin.


Cream Pur Confort SPF 15, soothing protective face cream.

Protects the skin against environmental irritants.

Reinforces the epidermis from the inside out.


Cream Hydra Sensitive, Cream that repairs and protects.

Soothes hypersensitivity, redness and irritated skin.

Strengthens the skin natural defences.

Quickly relieves heat sensations.