Radiance Skin Care

on Wed 4 Sep


Radiance Skin Care, New Life For Dull Skin.

All skin types at any age can succumb to fatigue and lose their radiance. This range of products is designed to reveal a clear complexion and restore radiance.

Radiance Active Ingredients;

Stabilised Vitamin C is essential for our bodies to function property, it protects skin and skin tissue with its anti-free radical and antioxidant effects and stimulates collagen synthesis. Moreover, Vitamin C has natural exfoliating properties which give skin a touch of radiance.

Mati-Sponges boost radiance by controlling shine and leaving a lightweight matte powdered finish on the skins surface. The skin regains its protective balance and comfort.

Cold essences, the combination of refreshing and invigorating Mint and Eucalyptus essences helps bring radiance to the skin.

Complex of Natural Sugars, the molecules of biological sugars penetrate rapidly into the heart of the upper layers of the skin, instantly rehydrates the tissues and creates intercellular links that helps to smooth the skin.


Masque Dynamisant Anti-Fatigue, Instant Radiance Mask

Makes the skin radiant.

Smooths and erases the sign of fatique.

Provides long-lasting moisture.


Concentre Lift Eclate, Instant Beauty Flash

Contains a complex of natural sugars that instantly lifts and brighten the skin.

An instant beauty flash, the skin is smoother and the complexion brighter.

Fixes and enhances make-up all day long.