Professional Beauty Show

on Thu 21 Oct


Professional Beauty Show London Excel.

On Sunday 17th October 2021, the Professional Beauty Show was alive and kicking at London Excel.

After a 30 minutes tube journey on the Jubilee Line then 5 minutes on the DLR to Prince Regent for the East entrance to Excel London. 

To gain entrance to Excel it’s all about the Q card your NHS Covid Jab and VIP ticket to enter the beauty show.

My first port of call was the CACI stand, just wanted to have a look once again at the CACI Synergy machine.

At present I have the CACI Ultra the Synergy would be an upgrade for me. The think I like most about the Synergy is its use of LED lights during the facial. This is a fantastic way to help increase the collagen in the skin. Will be looking to purchasing this machine next year.

Next, it’s the LPG stand to see what new products they had bought out over the last 2 years, also to ask why they had changed the formula on the Bio Minceur Express Organic Slimming tea. I am told that the change in the recipe it is to make it more detoxifying let’s see!!

I go on to the Guinot stand had an exceptionally long chat with my Guinot rep I have not seen her since 2019, will be booking for renew visits next year.

Had a wander around the show it is not as busy as 2019, but there’s is a good outpouring of people from the beauty world.

Went across the corridor to the Beauty Salon Show the Hairdressers are out in force. There show is very lively, loud music, theirs is a lot of energy going on here, lots of tanned people wearing black clothing, not like the Beauty Show which is noticeably quieter in comparison.

Time to go home on the way out I notice that there’s is also a Wedding Show going on walked in didn’t pay no one there to pay. Watched a wedding fashion got a goodie bag I am now on my way to get the DLR back to Cannington Town the Jubilee Line to Willesden Green.

Overall, I must say it was an enjoyable day my first day out in such a large crowd of people. Still wore a mask but it felt good to be out and about once again.


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