PatsyB Talk About PatsyB Products

on Tue 28 Jul

PatsyB Talk about PatsyB Products

Okay where do I start, my name is Patsy Braham I have been a beauty therapist for more than 20 years.

 During these 20 years have trained with many different products houses doing their treatments and using their products.

Over the years I have visualise myself with my own products, in January 2018 I found a lady by the name of Tracey Cahn and she help me to achieve my dreams.

The first PatsyB products were my Aromatherapy Bath, Body and Shower Oils and my Home range of Candles and Diffuser product these came to life in March 2018.

In February 2020 PatsyB Beauty products came to life, products that accent what a lot of people want to use on their skin. I am so proud of this range and all that I have achieved.

I am a beauty therapist at heart and will be for a long time and I am sure during that time I will hit other goals and see more dreams come to life.

Why not purchase one or two of PatsyB products and tell me what you think.

Waiting to hear from you.