Not Having A Good Sunday

on Sun 7 Jul


Not Having A Good Sunday

Today I had a late start to the day, I only have a few clients booked in, but I have a few things that I want to do today.

I am here its 11.00am I take 2 large bags of towels and go to the laundry on Crawford Street, its busy but I get my 2 loads of towels in.

I make my way back to the salon, make myself a cup of coffee and drank it while reading the news on my computer.

I go back to the laundry it is really busy now, but I get my towels in the dryer.

I walk to Baker Street I have an appointment at the Flight Centre I am in the process of booking a cruise for myself and my sister and I wanted to add on a drinks package. 

I get to the Flight Centre the booking agent is not able to add the drinks package on or tell me how much it will cost so I walk back to the salon I need to wait a while for the driers to finish. 

I go to the laundry to collect my towels, but I am early, so I wait 8 minutes then bring towels back to salon fold and put them away.

I get a call from me outsource receptionist my last client has cancelled her appointment she is not feeling so good, I said that okay she has not given 24 hours cancellation but has booked online so I can take a percentage payment for the treatment.

But no, my receptionist has cancelled the appointment, so I am not able to take payment what to do?

So, with the time now available to me I have decided to set up a sellers account on Amazon, I am told I need to change my email address to do so, I had a sellers account years ago that I cancelled and it was set up with my current email address. 

I have been trying for the last hour or so to set this account up and this is not happening so before I blow a gasket, I am closing up shop and going home.

Have a great Sunday