My Goals For 2019

on Sun 24 Mar


My Goals for 2019:

This year 2019 I set myself a few goals, with all the faith in the world that I could achieve them all.

My goals where;

Lose weight -- Still on-going 

Start budgeting; This is going better than I thought it would, I must be mindful with my cash purses and not use my cards when shopping.

To do better with my social media; I must say I feel quite proud of myself, I upload on my Blog at least 5 times per week , Facebook at least twice per week and google business once per week not bad I use to post once per month.

My own product range; Will Patsy B aromatherapy range of products has just landed at Amber Beauty Salon, will tell you more about them in due course.

All in all I am doing great so far with my goals and on this most beautiful day I can say I am truly blessed.