Morning Facial Cleansing Routine

on Sat 27 Jun


 Morning Facial Cleansing Routine

*) Apply 1 pump of either the Grapefruit, Cucumber cleanse or the Clarifying Face wash to the palm of my hand, spread the product between both palms and apply to my face, neck and decollette.

 Using small circle motion move the product all over the face, neck and decollette paying special attention to area of concern such as the chin, around the nose and forehead.

Wash off with warm water you can also use a small face towel to help remove your cleanser, and pat dry using a small towel.


*) Apply Rose Aloe toner on to 2 pieces of cotton wool pad then wipe around the face, neck and decollette leave the skin to dry.


*) Using 1 pump of the Pro-Age Eye cream to your index finger apply to your eye lids and your under eyes without dragging the under eye skin spread the eye cream to the outer corners of your eyes and pat in.


*) Apply 2 pumps of the Vitamin ACE Facial serum to the palm of your hands and apply to face, neck and decollette and blend until fully absorbed.


*) Finish off your morning routine with your Vitamin ACE Moisturiser using 3 to 4 pumps to the palm of your hands and apply to your face, neck and decollette avoiding your eyes.

Now its time to get on with your day.


*) Once a week after cleansing and toning apply a mask either the Green Tea Anti-Ageing Clay Mask or the Black Clay and Liquorice Brightening Mask for 10 to 15 minutes to your face and neck. These mask are none setting. Remove with warm water and finish of with either your morning or evening routine.