Moisturising Skin Care

on Thu 5 Sep


New Life For Dehydrated skin, Moisturising Skin Care

Skin that is properly moisturised is radiant, supple and beautiful. A long-lasting moisture balance can be maintained using innovative active ingredients made from water, similar to the water in the cells, such as Liposome Hydrocytes, Hydroplasma or Hydrocyte Complex.


Moisturising Active Ingredients;

Hydrocyte Liposomes are microspheres that achieve maximum moisture penetration. Their distinctive feature is that they have a structure similar to that of cellular membranes which gives them exceptional properties. Filled with Hydrocytes, Hydrocytes Liposomes quickly hydrates the epidermis by providing a continuous source of moisture.

Hydrocyte Complex this powerful moisturising complex stems from Guinot research. It binds water to the cells in a sustainable manner and slows evaporation.

Hydroplasme; Water for cells is a multi-moisturising compound created to moisturise deep within skin cells. It binds water durably to the heart of the cellular structure.


Serum Hydra Cellulaire 

A "perfusion" of cellular moisture.

Quickly restores moisture to dehydrate skin.

Smooths and refills dehydrated wrinkles.

Softens and restores radiance to the skin.


Crème Hydra Summum

Restores the hydration for a more youthful skin.

Boosts all skin hydration mechanisms.

Ensure overall hydration.

Leaves the skin soft, supple and radiant.