Looking After Your Skin This Summer

on Sun 23 Jun


Looking After your Skin This Summer

Give your skin a break. 

By watching the weather over summer, you can work out the days when you won't need to slather on the chemicals

Rinse skin after swimming. 

This is especially important when you've been swimming in chlorinated environments as the chlorine can dry out your skin and for some people it can even result in an allergic reaction.

Avoid spraying perfume on your skin in the sun

This can permanently stain your skin when they react with the sun.

Eat healthy foods.

 A healthy skin comes from eating well and summer is the ideal time to make dietary changes for the better.  

Examine your skin regularly.

 At least one a month, perform a "mole patrol" to check for signs of sun damage on your skin. Be especially alert to moles that have changed shape or size or that hurt, itch, or bleed.