Looking After Your Feet During Lockdown.

on Wed 20 Jan


Looking After Your Feet During Lockdown

Looking after your feet is important no matter what age you are, your feet go through a lot, it carries your weight and any extra weight you may be carrying.

Caring for your feet can improve your comfort, mobility and independence and can have an impact on your overall quality of life.

Personal Foot Care:

Keep your feet clean and sweat free.

Exfoliate and moisturiser your feet weekly.

Keep toenails to a good length, after cutting your nails file with an emery board to keep them smooth.

Wear good fitting footwear.

Get help if you have extremely hard skin or corns on your feet try not to tackle it yourself.

Small patches of hard skin can be removed from your feet by using a foot file or pumice stone, be gently do not be too hard when removing hard skin.

Wash your feet daily, if you are not able to have a bath or shower daily try using a basin, you will need soap, nail brush and a clean towel.

When drying your feet always dry between the toes, after drying remember to moisturiser all the foot including the soles of the feet.