Looking after Your Eye Lash and Eye brow During Lockdown.

on Mon 1 Feb



Looking After Your Eye Lash and Eyebrow During Lockdown.

 People are obsessed with their eyebrows as they are one of the most important features for several reason: they help to emphasise the eyes and shape of the face.

Try not to over pluck your eyebrow, if you fine plucking your own eyebrow difficult then go to a technician when out of lockdown, for now only remove the regrowth under the eyebrow and not mess with the shape.

Use eye makeup remover to remove eye makeup and mascara on the lash before cleansing the face. Be gently with your lash and the skin around the eye when removing makeup.

For help with eyelash or eyebrow growth try using a growth system such as Revitalash eyelash serum, for eyebrow Neva or Brow Food serum.