on Tue 14 Apr

 Good Evening Everyone,

On Friday 20 March 2020 at around 20.30pm I found out that the PM had made a speech stating that all Leisure centers,Gyms and non essential business should close.

I rent my beauty salon space from Everyone Active at the Seymour Leisure Center and for the first time sense the age of 15yrs I was  now unemployed.

I packed the few things I could all the perishables my uniform and a few more items and I was on my way.

I was more in a trance as I walked towards Crawford Street,on my way to Baker Street Station and home. I have been at Seymour Leisure Center for 20 years, I have had to close  the salon before but not like this,this was going to be for a long time and I have no say in when I could re-open.

My thoughts were how was I going to cope not working and would I have my clients when I finally re-open the salon.

I didn't have to worry I had sent out an email to all my clients to say'' That Amber Beauty Salon had closed'' the response and support I got back from my client was just amazing.

So now I am looking forward to the re-opening of all none essential areas and going back to work, until then I will just go ahead and make myself a nice meal, relax and make the most of this enforced break.

So please All Keep Safe and Healthy