Late Night Beauty Tips

on Wed 20 Feb


Few of us expect to wake up looking great, a few steps that early morning stunners include in their beauty regime.

(1) Drink Water - Alcohol, coffee, soft drinks can all increase toxins level in the our body and these can build up in our skin. Hydrate yourself with water, especially as bed time nears.

(2) Get Rich - Choose a rich, creamy moisturiser as your sleeping beauty partner. Our skin absorbs more moisture at night to enable rapid repair.

A rich moisturiser is not for everyone so a serum or lotion can be used.

(3) Sleep Deep - If getting enough sleep is a challenge, experiment a little. Nightwear, bed times, light levels and proximity to phone and clocks can all be tweaked to help you get the hours your body craves.

(4) The eyes have it - When applying night creams, avoid the eye area to minimise irritation Try sleeping with a black-out eye mask to promote blissful sleep.

(5) Pillow Talk - Even if you're religious about removing your make- up and cleaning your skin before bed, be sure to change your pillowcase regularly: they can harbour bacteria.

And buy the best pillow you can afford


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