on Wed 17 Apr


Indian Head Massage


Massaging the head can do much to relieve stress and tension that fill our day to day life.

The massage involves controlled movements such as spider walking, root pulling and combing. This treatment focuses mainly on the face and scalp, but should include the upper back, neck, shoulders and arms.

This massage has a strong effect on the three higher chakras of the seven -mind, body and spirit. Chakra (wheel) is the energy that we need to remain balance.

As the massage works on the shoulders and neck the relief of tension is felt almost immediately. As well as easing headaches and stress it also helps scalps and hair problems, aids localised blood and lymphatic circulation relieves eye strain muscles tension.

This treatment is particularly good for people who are wheelchair bound or partially immobile. Hair should be clean before this treatment is done also the client is fully clothed.