Hygiene Measures For A Safer Treatment

on Thu 4 Jun


Amber Beauty Salon Re-opening after Lock Down


           Hygiene Measures for A Safer Treatment

*When you come in or call for a treatment you will be asked questions about your health,

 Have you had Covid-19

 Have you had any flu like symptoms in the last 14 days

Have you travelled outside of the UK in the last 14 days

* You will be required to update your Beauty Record Card on each visit.

*The Salon opening Hours will be:

Tuesday – Saturday 10.00 – 6.00pm

*You will be required to wear a mask to and from the Salon

*For your safety and mine only the person that has the appointment will be allowed into the salon and on to Seymour Leisure Center premises.

*Please Do Not Arrive Too Early or Later for Your Appointment Due to Social Distancing requirements.

*Please come to your appointment without Jewellery.

*You will be asked to wear a disposable mask during treatments except for facials.

*Before touching products please sanitise your hands or put on disposable gloves available near the product shelves.

*When paying please pay when possible by card or any other cashless methods, of course I well accept cash.

*Before leaving the salon please wash and sanitise your hands and apply your mask.

*Gloves, Sanitiser and Mask will be available on Reception


I Will Ensure That:

* I have my temperature scanned every morning and if I have a slight fever or feel under the weather I will not come into work and all clients will be notified either by text or phone.

*During treatments I will be wearing PPE :

Face Mask, Face Visor, Gloves and Apron

In between appointments the rooms will be cleaned and disinfected including all equipment used and surfaces.

*Disposable Towels, Headbands, Face Towels and Couch Covers will be used during Treatments.

*All couches will have a plastic cover that can be wiped down after each client.

*All professional products will be disinfected between treatment.

*Frequently touched and used areas will be cleaned after use.