Hydradermie Youth

on Fri 23 Feb


Hydradermie Youth

Our signature renewing facial treatment with 8 bespoke variations to reveal visibly younger looking skin. Meet your beauty objectives and see instant results from the very first treatment.


"Wrinkles on the eye contour are visibly reduced and the complexion is left rejuvenated and radiant."


  • In Depth Biological Cleanse - Refreshes skin allowing it to be more receptive to subsequent products applied.
  • Dynamic Ionisation - Using our Hydraderm Cellular Energy (HCE) Machine, energy is transmitted to skin cells.
  • Thermal Electrode - Stimulates cellular activity, boosts cells oxygenation and skin's microcirculation.
  • Relaxing Massage - Stimulates, tones and firms the skin.

Treatment Time: 60 Minutes

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