How To Increase Your Energy?

on Thu 4 Feb


How To Increase Your Energy?


2. Add 20 minutes of exercise to your day


You might use being tired as an excuse not to exercise; however, one of the best ways to boost your energy levels is to exercise more. Luckily, you do not need to do killer workouts to see the benefits, something as simple as a walk around your neighbourhood could do the trick!

Exercise triggers the release of feel-good hormones into the brain and the rest of the body. It can give you an optimistic and energising outlook on the rest of your day.

Scheduling physical activity into your diary or setting a reminder on your phone can be one way of committing to doing exercise. It could be a 10-minute walk, and the fresh air may help you more than what a nap could. 

Other forms of exercise that help include yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. All three involve moderate movements, which is key to boosting those energy levels. Just remember not to overdo it though, as this could fatigue you even more. 

 By Proto-Col