Hello To You All

on Fri 10 Jan


Hello to anyone who maybe reading this blog.

 I would like to introduce myself to you after all these years of having this page I don’t think I have ever done that.

My name is Patsy and I am the owner of Amber Beauty Salon I am based in the Seymour Leisure Centre Seymour Place W1H 5TJ ,I have worked here for almost 20 years.

This post today is about a new piece of equipment that I have gone out on a limb to purchase for the salon; it is a LPG M6 Alliance machine which treats the Face and Body.

I had this treatment 2 weeks ago mainly on my thighs and stomach and after 20 minutes I put my jeans on and was very impressed with the result so if you are looking for a better looking body and you diet and exercise the this treatment is for you.

You can book online all call 0207 724 2800


Thank you


Patsy Braham