Happy Sunday Everyone

on Sun 3 Mar


Happy Sunday Everyone

On Saturday after finishing work I took the bus to Lidl to do my weekly vegetable shopping was only in Lidl for about 45 minutes then I got a  bus back home.

I got off the bus and walked across the street, walking in front of me is a very frail looking person in green pyjamas and a pink dressing gown wearing pink slippers. 

Now last was very cold and windy so what is the person doing on the street in just her nightclothes, it is now 8.30pm and dark.

I stopped and ask if I could help her, she said " no dear I am on my way to see a friend" I asked her where her friend lived she didn't know her friends name or address.

We walked for a little while but I knew it was too much for her so when a young man stopped to ask if he could help I asked him to call either the ambulance or the police. 

 I have now wrapped Dora she said this was her name  in my pashmina to keep her warm, the young man and another passer-by stayed until the police came. 

We only had to wait about 10mins before the police turned up and the lady was helped into their car and we all left and went on our ways, I hope she got home safe.

She was a very sweet lady just a little confused , there were other people on the street last night that just walked right by her with out stopping how do they justified their action.

We all need to be responsible for those whom need help no matter how small the help maybe that they  need.