Guinot Slimming Skin Care

on Wed 18 Dec


Guinot Slimming Care Against Localised Cellulite.

By constantly monitoring new technologies and by selecting the best active ingredients at optimum concentrations, Guinot Laboratories have created slimming products with spectacular results. The results are visible: day after day, the skin becomes firmer more toned, and the figure is refined.



Crème Minceur Chrono, Become slimmer in just 15 days!

Acts on adipose and fibrous cellulite.

Burns fat.

Visibly firm's skin.

Smooths dimpled skin, reduces the skin's orange - peel appearance.


Gel Minceur Rapide, Acts Quickly on Cellulite in Specific Areas of Concern.

Reduces aqueous an adipose cellulite.

Reduces fluid retention: the ivy extract drains excess fluid.

Reduces and burns fat.

Refines the figure.


Anti- Cellulite Active Indregients:

Celluysium, this high -performance complex derived from red seaweed prevents the storage of fat and eliminates fatty cells by attacking the fibrous barrier.

Delipogenase, this precious, exclusive Guinot complex has proven action on Lipolysis (activates the release of fat cells) and lipogenesis (slows down the storage of new fat cell). This double action observe in vitro accelerates the slimming results.

Caffeine's lipolytic action helps break down and eliminate fat.

Cherry Stem Extract, detoxifies and reduces water retention.