Guinot Purifying Skin Range

on Thu 22 Aug


 Guinot Purifying Skin Range New Life For Oily Skin.

The spectacular results on oily skin were obtained using effective, deep treatment products with antibacterial and sebum-regulating active ingredients.

Purifying Active Ingredients:

Sebum-Regulating Complex was created to regulate imbalances in oily to combination skin. Instantly after application, sebum secretion is regulated and the pores are tightened. Shine is reduced and the skin looks more refined, clearer and more beautiful.

Sebocidine Complex regulates microbial activity and purifies the skin, preventing imperfections often visible with oily skin.

Acnicidine a compound with five powerful active ingredients:

Reduces blemishes.

Normalises excess sebum and balance skin.

Minimises dilated pores.

Eliminates shine.


Serum Crème Acnilogic, conteracts excess sebum

Stabilises the secretion of sebum and controls microbial flora that causes imperfections.

Normalises and rebalances the skin.


Crème Pur Equilibre, regulating mattifying cream

Mattifies the skin instantly with long-lasting effects.

Sebum-Regulating Complex purifies and tightens dilated pores.

Restores natural radiance.


Masque Pur Equilibre, purifying mattifying mask

Unclogs pores with its exfoliating effect.

Absorbs sebum with its mask action.

Refines the skin's texture.

Reveals a new radiance.