Guinot nourishing Skin Care

on Thu 12 Dec


Guinot Nourishing Skin Care, New Life For Dry Skin.

Undernourished skin looks dull, lacks radiance and sometimes causes discomfort.

To make up for the deficiency in natural lipids, Nourishing Skin Care products are enriched with active ingredients designed to renew essential fatty acids in the skin, enriching it with precious nutritive elements. The skin is comfortable, supple and radiant once again.

Serum Nutri Cellulaire

Stimulates the production of nourishing elements essential for beautiful skin.

Compensates for nutritional deficiencies in malnourished, devitalised skin.

Nourishes the skin.

Softens the skin and restores comfort.

Crème Nutri Confort, Nutritive Repair Cream, Very Dry Skin.

The Essential Oils are instantly absorbed, repairing the epidermis.

Makes the skin comfortable.

Helps make the skin soft and supple.

Masque Essentiel Nutri Confort,

Instant nourishment and radiance with essential oils.

The energy of the Essential Oils revives the skin’s radiance.

Contains Natural Nourishing Oils which nourish the epidermis.

Nourishing Active Ingredients,

Pro-Ceramides: The primary functions of Pro-Ceramides are to restore lipids in tired or devitalized skin and to promote better cell cohesion to restructure the epidermis.

Vitamin- Enhanced Omega Oils: Combining Omega 3 ,6 and 9 Oils with Vitamins E, the Vitamin - Enhanced Omega Oils deliver essential fatty acids for natural skin functioning and the vitamins necessary to restore comfort and softness to very dry skin.