Guinot Firming Skin Care

on Thu 6 Feb


Guinot Firming Skin Care.

Firming Skin Care, Restoring Skin Firmness

With age or fatigue, cell activity slows down.

It therefore becomes necessary to stimulate the skin with powerful active ingredients such as Pro-Collagen or Actiprogerin to restore skin firmness.


Firming Active Ingredients:

Pro-Collagen is a complex of active ingredients created by our laboratory to renew skin elasticity. It is particularly effective on the production of collagen, mending damage elastic tissue.

Actiprogerin reduces the effects of skin ageing. This molecule has recently come into use and has spectacular skin firming and anti-wrinkle properties.




Crème Fermete + Crème Riche Fermete

Firming Cream all skin types dry or dehydrated skin.

Visibly firms and renews the skin.

Smoothes the skin's surface.

Gradually redefines the contours of the face.


Masque Eclat Lifting, Instant lifting radiance mask.

Smoothes facial features and firms the skin.

Improves skin firmness.

Brightens the complexion and restores radiance.