Guinot Eyes, Lips and Neck Skin Care

on Wed 11 Sep


Guinot Eyes, Lips and Neck Skin Care.

New life for specific areas: The eyes, lips and neck are sensitive and vulnerable areas that are greatly affected by ageing. Just like the face, these areas require regular and specific care.

Anti-Ageing Active Ingredients:


ATP is a natural biological molecule which deliveries the energy essential to the vital functions of the cells.


Cellular Life Complex , Guinot was the first laboratory to design creams containing the Cellular Life Complex, a compound used to rebuild skin cells , especially in the treatment of severe burn victims.


Horse Chestnut Extract, the eye area is one of the first places to show signs of fatigue. The eyelids can become puffy and heavy and dark circles may appear. Horse Chestnut is recognised for its effectiveness in decongesting the eye ducts and regulating the blood circulation.


Shea Butter, with a high concentration of Triglycerides and Fatty Acids, Shea Butter intensely nourishes even very dry skin.


Actinergie boosts the oxygenation of cells and stimulates their metabolism.



Creme Longue Vie Yeux ,  Rejuvenating and lifting eye cream. 

Restores a youthful appearance to the eyelids and eye contours.

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Smooths and refreshes the eyelids.


Creme Eye Fresh, Refreshing eye care for puffiness and dark circles.

Combats puffy eyes and dark circles using its refreshing applicator and detoxifying active ingredients.

Detoxifies and tones the eye contour.

Instantly brightens and refreshes the eyes.


Creme Longue Vie Cou, Neck and decollete firming cream.

Moisturises and rejuvenates the appearance of the neck and decollete.

Smooths wrinkles.


Baume Longue Vie Levres, Rejuvenating beauty care for fuller plumper lips.

Smooths fine lines around the lips.

Helps the skin to reduce the damage caused by UV radiation.

Provides longer lasting lipstick hold.