on Wed 15 May


Guinot Aromatic Body Contour

This treatment combines the expert hands of your Beauty Therapist with the deep treatment benefits of slimming beauty products.


The exfoliation phase rids the body of dead skin cells and thus boosts the penetration of active ingredients in the skin.

Anti-Cellulite Modelling Massage:

Your Beauty Therapist massage the skin with the Anti-cellulite Detoxifying Oil helping to reduce stubborn cellulite while refining the silhouette. Thanks to the high-penetration and natural energy, anti-fat Essential Oils act at the core of the skin to reduce visible cellulite.

Clay and Green Tea Body Mask:

The treatments ends with a Sauna-Masque, an incredible body wrap with Clay and Green Tea which provides a "sauna effect". The exceptional absorbing power of Clay detoxifies and drains the tissues. The Sauna-Masque filters out the water that clogs the tissues for an instant slimming effect.

Your silhouette is refined, and you feel immediately lighter.