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Guam Body Wrap - Used by over 1 Million Italian Women

Guam seaweed Mud is a unique formula containing fresh young seaweed, green clay , photo-extract and essential oils.

We recommend a course of 6 treatments preferably 2 per week.

How it works: You will be body brushed to increase circulation before being covered with the Guam mud wrapped in plastic sheet and cocooned in a heated blanket for 45 minutes this intensifies the effect.

The skin absorbs the mud then neutralises the acids in the body it then draws the waste out through the skin.

The mud is removed from the skin with water and an application of cream is applied to stabilise the tissues.

(1)Body Blitz: Cellulite with extra firming and toning this exhilarating wrap combines ice-cold menthol mud with heated blanket; the hot/cold effect is excellent for extra toning and firming. Reducing cellulite, adipose fatty tissue, detoxifies, Re mineralises and tones.

(2)Body Contour: Cellulite :Warm mud rather than cold this wrap is for you! Reduces cellulite, adipose fatty tissues, detoxifies, re-mineralises and tones.

(3)Body Slim: Oedema Cellulite - Water retention Reduces oedema cellulite, drinks the tissues of excess fluid stimulates the circulation, detoxifies, re- mineralises and tones.