Getting My Post The Wrong Way Round

on Fri 1 Feb

Yesterday I posted a blog all about body products but after publishing this I realised that what I wrote I should be putting up today. This is all a little backward but I am going to run with it anyway so here goes.

At this time of the year Face and Body exfoliating is king and after exfoliating to use the right moisturiser for face and body.

But I must stress a good Serum is a must have take for instance the Guinot Serum Long Vie The 56 active ingredients of the cellular life complex stimulate the vital functions for a more youthful looking skin. Contain rejuvenating active ingredients, restores skin elasticity.

Serum Nutri Cellulaire: Stimulates the production of nourishing elements essential for beautiful skin. Nourishes, softens and restores comfort to the skin.

You don't have to buy yourself a  serum from Guinot you just have to buy a serum that you like and use it daily under your moisturiser.