Exfoilating Skin Care

on Sat 27 Jul


Exfoliating Skin Care

For Renewed Skin

Using an exfoliator is an essential step in any beauty care routine. It helps rid the skin of the dead cells that accumulates on the surface and prevent it from breathing.

The face glows with a new  radiance in no time at all.

There are two types of exfoliators: a biological exfoliator for sensitive skin and an exfoliator with grains for all skin types.

Gommage Biologique:

Natural Scrub with gentle fruit acids.

Grain free.

Gently removes dead cells to revive the complexion and the skin radiance.

Refines the skin texture.

Gommage Eclat Parfait:

Mild peeling cream with double microparticles.

Removes impurities deep in the skin.

Gently removes dead skin cells.

Reveals a new radiance.


Exfoliating Active Ingredients:

Green Tea and AHA gently exfoliates fragile and sensitive skin. Green Tea is a stimulating antioxidant that gives  youth boost to the complexion.

Shea exfoliant is extracted from the shell of the Shea nut. Shea is an African tree whose nuts are used to extract oil and butter known for their healing,soothing and nourishing properties.



With exfoliating skin care for the face, the visible effect of removing dead skin cells is skin that is soft and clean. The skin is more refined and the complexion is instantly more luminous.