Dermacoll Collagen Drink

on Thu 21 Mar


Dermacoll Collagen Drink:


Dermacoll - Skin Deep Collagen 5000mg

To be used as part of your daily beauty regime, Dermacoll is a powder that when mixed with water or fruit juice makes a pleasant tasting drink.

Directions for use:

Simply mix one level scoop with a glass of water or juice once a day. For noticeably smoother, refined looking skin take Dermacoll for three months.

For best results and to prevent further wrinkles and lines take Dermacoll daily as part of your beauty regime.

Each container of Dermacoll contains one months' supply of high quality skin loving ingredients, formulated to make you look and feel great.


Verisol Collagen 5000mg
Vitamin C 75mg
Green Tea 50mg
Hyaluronic Acid 25mg

Dermacoll is a formulation that contains high strength and highly soluble Verisol - a high grade form of collagen peptide, alongside Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C providing a unique and effective solution combating the effects of ageing.

Dermacoll has scientifically proven results on its beneficial effects on human skin.

Due to its high strength and quality, Dermacoll is a soluble powder which mixes into a pleasant easy to mix drink; you would have to take over fourteen capsules of an equivalent supplement.

Additionally, as a liquid it is absorbed much quicker into your system as it is readily available for use by the body.

The technical bit:

Dermacoll stimulates extracellular matrix molecules in human skin cells, resulting in better hydration and reduced wrinkles and lines.

By regenerating and stimulating the under layer of the skin you can strengthen and improve the outer layers visibly reducing the signs of ageing lines and wrinkles.