Crystal Clear Training Day

on Tue 12 Nov


Crystal Clear Training On Monday 11/11/2019


On Monday my only day off each week I tube it to Camden for my Crystal Clear Comcit - Elite course.

I arrived at Camden tube station only to fine I should have gone 1 stop on and got off at Chalk Farm station, so marched to Chalk Farm which was a bit of an ordeal as market area was in full swing.

Got to the Crystal Clear salon on time and ready to learn,I must say I was very impressed with the salon, it was cosy and very well laid out. Painted all white with great pictures of Crystal Clear products and logo on the walls, with shelves full of their products very smart.

We waited for a few more people to arrived, while doing this we got to know each other with the help of good sandwiches, crisps and coffee.

With the help of the Crystal Clear team, we had very informative course with lots of demonstration and updates on new products and treatments.

The Wand which is pictured above is used for the chop-stick facial which is new to me, more about that another time.

I had a great time, met new and interesting people, and took home a great gift, which finished off an enjoyable day.


Thank you team Crystal Clear

Ready and waiting for the next training day.