Could Have Had A Lay In Today

on Sun 3 Feb

I wanted a lay in today but I have 1 client booked for 10.30am. I wanted to cancel her yesterday but she has booked in so its only fair for me to take the time and be here. 

I am up and dressed  and off to the tube station is a beautiful sunny day I feel blessed, I get to the salon I switch on wax pots and machines. I set up for my 1 and only client and get changed into my uniform.

I sit down to check for emails the first one to pop up was sent at 10.14am by my 1 and only client to say she has been sick all night and will not be coming in for her appointment.

At this point I am not feeling so blessed ,she could have called at 08.00am this morning and leave a message to say she was unwell I would have got that message or send her email earlier but no.

I always think about my clients but some time it would be nice if the clients also thought about their therapist, she doesn't know that she is my only client for today but to cancel your appointment 16 minutes before you are due in is not good.

Have a blessed day