Amber Bespoke Facial 1hr Treatment.

on Fri 10 Sep


Amber Bespoke Facial 1hr Treatment


This facial is all you need for a bright, lifted, and glowing skin. After 1hr what more does your skin needs?


Using PatsyB Cleanser either Grapefruit, Cucumber or Clarifying cleanse the face and neck avoiding the eyes.

Remove cleanser with warm water and face towels, tone with PatsyB Rose aloe toner, pat skin dry.

Exfoliate the skin using the Micro dermabrasion machine, this will remove dead skin cells leaving the skin bright and smooth.

Wash off crystal residue with warm water and face towels, pat and dry skin.

Apply gel to face and neck, using the handheld ultrasound machine, go over face and neck first with the blue light this is anti-bacterial and acne reduction next the red light helps to increase collagen in the skin.

Remove gel with warm water and face towels, pat face dry.

Apply the mask that will benefit the clients skin leave on for 10 minutes.

PatsyB Black clay and liquorice Mask to brighten the skin, Green tea Face Mask to refresh and revive the skin.

Remove mask using warm water and face towels.

Finish facial off with Serum to benefit the face PatsyB Marula oil facial Serum, Vitamin ACE Serum.

Apply PatsyB Pro-Age Eye Cream to eye contour area.

Apply PatsyB Vitamin ACE Moisturiser or Rejuvenating Night cream.


Available at Amber Beauty Salon