6 Tips to help you stay safe in the sun

on Thu 5 May


6 Tips to help you stay safe in the sun

Sun Awareness Week (2nd May to 8th May 2022) helps to remind us of the dangers UV rays can have on our health. Limiting your time in the sun can feel like an easy first step to over-exposure in the sun and staying in the shade during the peak hours of UV rays, 10am- 4pm.

However, we understand that plans change, and you cannot always control the weather, so being exposed to UV rays can happen. For Sun Awareness Week 2022, we want to provide you with tips and advice to follow and share not only during summer 2022’s weather but throughout the year.

  1. How often should SPF be reapplied

Sadly, UV rays can harm your health through your skin. So going through the day without any SPF can cause your skin to prematurely age and in extreme cases, can cause serious health conditions. Sun can shine through even if it does not feel warm and sunny. Choosing skincare that includes SPF, and wearing it every day even on the cloudy days, will support your wellbeing.

  1. Lightweight clothing

Wearing protective clothing can act as a physical barrier between yourself and the sun. From long linen trousers to light shirts and hats with wide brims to keep the sun from your face, can all serve with protective purpose. Even if the weather feels too hot, the nature of the materials used for these clothes is to keep you cool and shaded from direct sunlight, UVA rays and UVB rays.
When shopping, look for promises and guarantees of blocking UVB and UVA rays.

  1. After-sun collagen recovery

Sometimes, after-sun lotion can be just not enough. While it provides instant relief of sun damage, it does not care for the long-term effects.

Collagen supports the skin’s structure and specifically, elastin. Sun damage can cause dehydrated and thin skin, also affecting the tone. Over time, UV rays can burn through and destroy collagen and elastin.


In order to top up your collagen levels throughout the year and not just in the summer, try a collagen supplement that promotes the production of peptides. Proto-col’s collagen supplements come in many forms to suit you, from refreshing citrus gels, berry drinks and easy capsules there’s always something to choose from.

  1. Inside out approach

Our inside out approach does not involve any sunscreen being consumed in the process, you will be relieved to hear. Instead, we focus on diet and nutrition to help protect against UV rays. Studies show that an enzyme can repair UV-damaged skin as part of a daily cycle which can be altered by the foods we eat.[1] The best fruits and vegetables to consume for hydration and protection include:


Refreshing during the summer months but also rich in antioxidants, blueberries contain powerful elements to fight off free radicals including sun exposure.


Fresh veg

Carrots and greens rich in vitamin A and antioxidants are ideal for caring for your wellbeing after too much sun exposure. The best foods to look out for include spinach, kale, rocket etc. However, if you want a quick supplement to top you up as well, try Proto-col’s Green Magic.


Watermelons contain more antioxidants than tomatoes, as the lycopene can be found responsible for absorbing both UVA and UVD radiation. Over time, this can act as a natural sunscreen.

So not only is this fruit a refreshing and juicy snack during the warm summer months but provides health benefits too.

The power of three

Choosing nuts and seeds rich in omega-3 will help maintain anti-inflammatory properties for your skin especially when spending too much time in the sun. These foods include fish, eggs, nuts and seeds.

  1. Support your Vitamin D intake properly

Vitamin D helps to maintain the amount of calcium in your body and provides nutrients you are your bones, teeth and muscles. A severe lack of vitamin D can lead to osteo-related health conditions.
Unfortunately, lying in direct sunlight is not the best way to get vitamin D. Harming your skin in the process is not worth it when there are other methods to top up your levels. We recommend speaking to your health advisor about the best source of action if you are deficient.

  1. Protect your wellbeing

Get to know your skin and keep an eye on any changes from pigmentation, markings, moles, bumps or anything else that feels unfamiliar. There are many conditions and health issues related to over-exposure in the sun, so it is important to keep aware. Take control of your health and stay safe in the sun.
By following these steps, updating your skincare and supplement cupboard and taking an active approach to protecting your skin in the sun, you can feel more confident about your wellbeing.

[1] https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/foods-reverse-sun-damage-skin-protection

MAY 04, 2022


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