14 Days Express Organic Slimming Tea

on Fri 27 May


                 LPG endermologie


   14 Days Express Organic Slimming Tea

   Weight Loss, Fat Burning Action and Water Elimination and  Digestion.                                                                                                 


The 14-DAY LPG® EXPRESS ORGANIC SLIMMING TEA is a subtle blend of organic plants, fruits and vegetables, known for their
slimming properties. Intelligently selected from all four corners of the world, these quality ingredients were then perfectly calibrated to bring this tea all of LPG efficiency.


Organic ingredients extracted, mixed and packaged in France for incomparable freshness:

Green tea* 16%, Fennel* 14%, Mint* 14%, Peppermint* 11%, Ginger* 10%,
Nettle* 8%, Cinnamon* 7%, Guarana* 5%, Lemon* 5%, Lemon flavour 10%
*Ingredients from organic farming.


To enjoy of all its flavour’s, let it brew 3 to 5 minutes, and then take out the teabag.

Two teabags a day for 14 days.

 LPG endermologie