Lava Shells

on Wed 20 Apr


                                                                                    Lava Shells


Lava Shells are the world's first self-heating massage tools, a patented all-natural, biodegradable heat technology that delivers continuous heat for up to one hour.

They are quickly becoming the most in-demand massage treatment in the UK right now.

The shells are naturally hygienic and non-porous so are the perfect social distancing massage tool for today's safety-conscious climate.

Thanks to their unique shape, they become a natural extension of the therapist's own hands and can be used to seamlessly deliver deep, targeted, massage relief in a controlled and hygienic manner.

A blissful but also very safe treatment which can be made even more hygienic if the client chooses to bring their own Lava Shell to their appointment.


What’s So Special About Our Shells Range?

Our genuine Tiger Clam Lava shells are hand-selected in the Philippine Islands for their unique size, shape, and structural integrity.

They are sanded and polished to reveal a beautiful lustre, before being bonded and sealed to become a wonderful, hygienic massage tool.

Tiger Clam Lava Shells naturally come in a range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses which can affect their final heat temperature.

Both the Tiger Clam and Cowrie shells used by Shared Beauty Secrets are collected as refuse discarded by the islanders or as they are naturally washed ashore.

No animals are harmed in repurposing these shells into the unique, ergonomically shaped, and non-porous massage tools they ultimately become.

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